How do you keep them busy?

United States
May 20, 2008 7:48pm CST
I have an 11 year old and a two year old. I would love spending time with them and getting involved in family time games. I would like to hear what you do with your children. I am hopeing to hear some unique made up games that you and your family enjoy. We do the normal hiking, picnics, side walk chalk, sprinkler type stuff. I know a lot of familys have unique games that have been around since grandma was just a girl. I would love to hear what your family has came up with.
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@tammyr (5956)
• Etowah, Tennessee
21 May 08
I can't think of any made up games we play. but we like to play yatzee, and (LOL) hiho cherry-o. We also like to play twister, but we can only play that when someone else is here and wants to play.
21 May 08
i don't have kids yet but i'm in a family with many children and yep, i babysit them =) to keep them busy, i involve them with cooking, we watch cartoons together, and we make art. i teach them how to do artworks like drawings, origamis, painting, beadworks, and the like. i wanted so much to be a nursery school teacher because of this =)