U like Philosophy book?

May 20, 2008 8:01pm CST
Philosophy is science in sciences,I mean it is the essence in Sciences.Acquiring some Philosophy is good for us .But when it comes to reading philosophy books,I find most books are obscure.Have you got same feeling like me?How U get along witn that?
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@Lopian (3)
• Indonesia
21 May 08
Most of philosophy book are obscure? I'm not sure about it. There are some ideas in those books that are obscure. But there are some another ideas that are also quite clear. In my experience some ideas that are obscure it's because first we may not really understand the ideas yet since the ideas are not easy to comprehend. But second, sometimes its because the ideas itself is ambivalence and not clear. Ideas in philosophy books are like life don't you think? Some things in life can be understood, but some other things are really hard to understand. So, what do you think?