Do you take vitamins around PMS time?

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May 20, 2008 9:33pm CST
I have recently been doing some reading and studying and have discovered that there are some things your body could be lacking during PMS time. I have started taking fish oil, and calcium. Do you take any herbs, or vitamins? Or maybe you drink a tea? I am looking for natural remedies for PMS sysmptoms. I especially get real bad mood swings. One minute laughing the next I can be sobbing uncontrolably. Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to help they symptoms? Please share any experience you have had taking natural remedies good or bad, I would appreciate your input.
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@Kierstal (143)
• United States
21 May 08
Honestly, I hadn't actually given it any thought; but now that you mention it, it makes quite a bit of sense. I really prefer natural remedies for stuff (even for normal illnesses), I dislike taking stuff like Midol or other 'chemical' fixes, mostly because I think it makes your immune system too dependent on them to get better. But vitamins are always a good thing :) Though my own PMS is generally pretty mild - mostly I just get depressed and easily discouraged for a few days, but it would be really nice if some natural remedy out there could keep me from hating myself for a week every month...