For the children

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May 20, 2008 11:30pm CST
I know alot of people feel that you do whatever it takes to make a relationship work when there are children. Then some people believe that you should not expose your kids to the negativity of a relationship filled with anomosity. What do you think?...would you stick it out just for the children or would there have to be a whole lot more?
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@momathome (476)
• Canada
21 May 08
My husband and I recently separated but we are going to work it out or at least try for a while. Kids now what is going on even if they don't hear you fighting but they can sense the tension, I know my lil guy does. You have to try for yourselves not for the sake of the kids because sometimes it's in the best interest of the kids to separate if there is constant fighting. The kids will learn to do that in their own relationships when they grow up.
• United States
21 May 08
hey therte Sturner..hows it going? This is a touchy subject for many of my friends..but very easy for me..I dont believe at all that if your relatiosnhip is that bad..that you shoudl stay for the children..they will feel the tension..and eventually hear all the figjting when they are supposed to be sleeping..they will feel it and they too will be miserable and who wants taht for there children? If its not working..and u hae tried counceling..and talking it out and what ever else to try to save your marriage and fix things then by all means do it..if not and its just baddd all the time.get as fast as you can..the children will be sad at first but they will eventually be happier than to have all the tension living together fighting....but thats just my opinion..see ya laters! April
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