Comcast Cable good or bad

Comcat Cable - I would like to thank Jason from Comcast for allowing me to use this logo for my post.
United States
May 21, 2008 5:16am CST
I have had Comcast Cable for about two years now. I have not had a full one week of internet service. So, I moved my internet service to the biz side of Comcast and now the service is working great. I get 12megs download and 3 megs upload. The best thing is that I get a 24 hour turn around time on outages. Now that the internet is working great I have a cable box that keeps unauthrizing its self. It has done this 5 times with in the past week in a half. I call Comcast Cable about this problem and only after the fourth time they are sending someone out to replace the box. The box that I had before this one did not work right, as it would not record shows and when it did the picture would be blocks. They tried to tell me that it was my TV. HaHa, funny because I just got the new HD TV. When I told the tech that the box needs to be replaced, he told me of a trained tech states the box did not need replaced then I would be charged for the replacement. I told him that due to the fact that I am disabled, I think that the Americans with Disabily would love to hear this. Well they replaced it. Now they are comming out this afternoon to replace the box for the third time. I would like to how who else has had problems with Comcast? Can you tell use what happend? How did you fix the problem?
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@Timothy31 (649)
• United States
30 May 08
We used to have comcast here in Texas now its time warner. I absolutely hated comcast. Their tv service wasn't bad but their internet service sucked. Once a week the connection would start dropping every hour or so for no reason. I have other reasons for disliking comcast too. I will never forgive them for what they did to techtv. They singlehandedly destroyed one of the best channels on tv.
• United States
30 May 08
I know the feeling. I got so tired of the downtime with the internet so I moved my services to the biz side of comcast. I do pay about $5 more per month but the uptime is alot better. I have not had a full week of uptime.
@jstory07 (72444)
• Roseburg, Oregon
18 Aug 15
We had comcast and the tv was always going on and off and when the internet started to go on and off we got rid of it.