Love marriage or arrange marriage?

May 21, 2008 7:10am CST
What is the best, love marriage or arranged marriage? I would prefer love marriage because in my opinion if you love someone for years and you know him well you have already spent much time with him, known him well and have been able to understand him in everyway and tyou know how you should manage to handle situations with him, it becomes easier for you to spend your whole life with him. you are sure that the one who has been with you and know you well wont leave you during difficult moment and he also knows you well. Whereas if ever you are doing an arranged marriage sometimes after one year when the persone changes it becomes very difficult to adapt with the situation. But i dont say that arranged marriages are not successful, it depends on the way of thinking as everyone has its own point of view. Share your views.
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@aowaow (1517)
• Indonesia
23 May 08
You may get the answer if you can answer, which one is better, the Egg or the Chicken?
@Gesusdid (1681)
• United States
21 May 08
in a arranged marriage like what if you dont like the person for nothing in the world ? you have to stay with that person forever ..that would suck plus you dont know this person from Adam nor do they know you at least Love marriage you can get to know them before actualy getting married i dont know someone who would just up and marrying someone with out knowing them just like that and all of the sudden their in love yeah sure
• India
21 May 08
In arranged marriage, even after ten years person cannot change.i have seen lot of love marriages are failed,means understanding difficulties never know the things until it comes our experiance.always people think about love marriage is that understanding each other before marriage but understanding what? hobbies,taste,finance,love,living style,- there are lot of things that we cannot immagine before marriage. MY OPENION is LOVE MARRIAGE = ARRANGED MARRIAGE
• India
21 May 08
i read somewhere love is blind if is true then arrange marriage is best there is no diffrence between love infactuation lust so there is very less chance to get true love ya if you are in arrange marriege then there is lote of chance you get love because you dont have any aspectation with your partner