How to keep happy all the time?

May 21, 2008 8:28am CST
I want to live happily all the time and enjoy my life every minute,but sometimes when i feel sad i will make myself much more sad until i can't take it.Do you have such experience and how do you deal with it?
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@balasri (26553)
• India
21 May 08
Worry is a force that has no value and it always give the victory to the person who tried to make you unhappy.Why to give that person the satisfaction of winning troubling you.Wipe out the incident and the person that made you unhappy from your heart as dirt.You can be happy.
• China
21 May 08
Thanks a lot! I don't know what's wrong ,but in some level maybe the more sad i feel more pleased in my deep heart. Is there something unknown produced by sadness will make person pleased?
• Philippines
23 May 08
i used to experienced it often times. but i can't do anything else but to accept the fact that i can't be happy all the time, 24 hours a day. all i do is to cherish the moments that i am able to be happy and enjoy life.
@debu1456 (521)
• India
21 May 08
Its not only u....its the experience of the entire living world...happiness lies on your thinking,your perceptiveness...and all over is all about choices...nobody can give u satisfaction,happiness unless u mould yourself to bring to that phenomena.... The whole world dreams of this particular word "happiness"...but few of them able to achieve that...In this materialistic world its very difficult to make yourself happy...