update - only a couple of days

@Goatlady (159)
May 21, 2008 8:49am CST
Well, I signed up for a email thing, and got a message that someone would contact me within 5 business days,. I know its only 2 but hmm. Now some company VEMMA? I signed with , a bit of a hoax, they charge, and not only that, an email message seems to be stuck on my computer, Hurray Brid 351 people signed up! Gimme a break, get off my pc! I have several times tried to delete it, restarted about 5 times and its still there at the bottom of my screen, I'd be cautious with this. I don't see any money either! So watch out when opening any of the VEMMA mail. Update on the farm issue. We went and looked, it would suit us great, - but although the ad on DAFT said for sale or to let, - to me meaning that it was open to lease, the real estate said oh no - its only for sale, and I mean several properties on DAFT say to sale or to let, - I think I should get this land for lease based on it!
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