What is the latest movie that you watch?

@biobio55 (283)
May 21, 2008 8:51am CST
The latest movie that I watched is The Iron Man. It is a good movie to watch, good story, but poor special effect. But, it is still a good movie to watch. I think there is going to be the iron man 2 next year. So, what is the lates movie that you watch? Is it good or bad?
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@leo2727 (138)
• India
19 Jun 08
indiana jones latest movies, it was not good as i expected cos i havce seen all the previous indiana jones movies, the best was the last crusade
@biobio55 (283)
• Indonesia
24 Jun 08
For me, the latest Indiana Jones is good. I like the movie.
@celticeagle (118551)
• Boise, Idaho
27 Jun 08
I saw the new Indie movie afew weeks ago. Some movies have to be seen on the big screen. This was one of them.
• Guatemala
18 Jun 08
The Last movie I watched is called The Jacket. It was really psycologically intriguing and it really kept you watching every little second. Great movie i recommend it. The last movie i saw at the cinema was Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I liked this movie too, lots of action, plus everyone loves Indy, but you just can't compare this new Indy movie with the classical 3.
• Malaysia
16 Jun 08
Well the Ionman movie that are screaming recently is ok...to me, the special effect that is provider in this firm...is ok too. For me is one of the best movie that i seeing in 2008 so far. The latest movie that i saw in cinema is the latest indiana jones staring Harisan Ford, the stories is more beter that Ionman, but no special effect in this movie, as you known the indiana jones movie is no provider any special effect.
• United States
21 May 08
The latest movie I watched at home was Breakfast at Tiffanys. I just got the dvd and I just had to watch it as soon as I got home. The last movie I seen in the movie theatre was Babys Momma. Very funny!!!