Any body get "fixed" and regret it??

United States
May 21, 2008 9:00am CST
Any one get there tubes tied or a visectamy and regret it??? Im 26 years old i have a wonderful 6 year old and a set of 5 month old twins. Im happy and content. When my husband and i decided to get pregnant again we decided ofter the second one we were done. we had many different reasons for our descision. Well the second one became the second and third and we were overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time.. i was never really a "kid" person and wasnt sure if i could handle two never mind 3 or even more. but im dealing and im loving it i want nothing more then to be a mom. But after my twins were born i said thats it im done the doctor calmy said jess? while im in here and with out hestiatin i replied "FIX ME!" well im not thinking right now i want more kids i know that i dont but every once in a while i get this feeling of emptiness or abonemednt i guess of the feeling that i am not a whole women any longer. that what if??? 5 years later i or worse my husband wants another child just out of the blue and i cant bare any more for him? I dont regret it i just get saddend knowing i can no longer bare the neccisities of having another baby... any one else feel this way or similar to this?? please share. thank you
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@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
27 May 08
i know how you feel. we had 2 girls and then on our third we finally got our boy. so we started saying we were done. but then i had such a hard time with that. he was such a joy i kept thinking i wanted more. finally i thought about it. we have 3 great kids and i want them to be able to have things in life. i want to be able to take them to the movies and dinner and stuff like that. if we had any more money would be so tight for us they wouldn't be able to have as much. so my husband got a visectomy. once i thought about the kind of live and love i wanted to be able to give my kids, stopping just seemed like the right choice. just think of the future, you are going to have twin teenagers..yikes! lol.
@elemental69 (1562)
• Ireland
24 May 08
My hubby and I both decided when I got pregnant on our fourth child that we didnt want anymore, that we were very happy with the four we have. So we decided that my hubby would have a vasecomy. We thought long and hard about this and his appointment for the surgery was for the day before our baby was born. He had it done and never looked back. Its been a year and a half now and we have no regrets. There are days that I would see a friends new baby and think another would be nice, but thats it, I look at my four, and think how happy I am. I had my last three within two and a half years, with the last two in 11 months. I couldnt handle being pregnant again, or going through another labour. In a couple of years you may differently when they are all walking and talking and you start to have a bit of time to yourself. :-)