Did you know that dish detergent can make you sick?

United States
May 21, 2008 10:29am CST
Did you know this? If you don't rinse your dishes well enough you can get sick. I learned this one awhile back from a magazine article. But, it wasn't until I got sick from my dishes that the point really sank in. It makes your stomach feel really bad! Here are some tips to keep your family safe while still getting super clean and sanitized dishes. Rinse your dishes well. Dilute dish detergent in a seperate spray or squeeze bottle. And, only use diluted detergent on individual plates and never full strength detergent as it's designed to stick to surfaces (i.e. pans to cut grease) and won't rinse off easily. That way detergent gel won't stick to dishes. If rinsing doesn't work to cut grease and remove dish detergent taste, spray clean dish with light solution of rubbing alcohol and water. That works for me. Just be sure to rinse extremely well after using alcohol on dishes.