moving around alot, trying to get to a computer

United States
May 21, 2008 1:56pm CST
todays world focuses on computers. that is no lie!! i dont have access unless i go to a library. what i thought was any library would let you use computers to check emails look for jobs etc. Most of the time i think they will but some can be nasty. the boyfriend has a laptop he doesnt have to talk to anyone just walk in go to a hot spot and whaaaa laaaa hes connected. i dont have that option. i went to a library the other day on "lincoln street" the lady in there wouldnt give me a library card cause i was out of her district so she was going to charge me $125.00. i said yeah right im not paying for a library card for $125.00. so then her brilliant idea was to go to the library close to where i work ok fine so i did and they wouldnt give me a card either but they would let me jump online and i had to fill out a card for that. which at first i thought was completely stupid ...but in making since of it now why would they lend books out to someone who doesnt live in the area...but computers in some librarys can be used without much hassle.
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