Has anybody ever met or spoken to someone famous?

May 21, 2008 2:11pm CST
I have met a few famous people in my life. When i was younger i met Roy Chubby Brown (singer/comedian)In Blackpool,I have met the Chuckle Brotheres (comedians/television) in Manchestor, I have met Patrick Swayzee (actor)in London, and also i have got a photo of me when i was young with Canon and Ball. I am also some distant relative to Tim Curry (actor). Have you ever met a famous person? Spoken to a famous Person? Related to a famous person? if so Who? Who would you most like to meet who is famous?
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22 May 08
In my life I have met and spoken to loads of famous people. I used to work in a solicitors office in London dealing with media law and met most of the rock bands of the time while I was there. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and others. We also dealt with actors so famous faces were in and out of the offices most days.
@rx4life (1932)
• United States
22 May 08
I was swimming in a pool in Palm Springs in the late evening with my husband...just before we got into the pool we were wondering out loud if it would be cold..a voice from a man in the pool said..come on in..it's great... we did...It was Eric Clapton!!! In the pharmacy I used to work for one day I was waiting on a man that was a new customer..I was having him fill out the new patient form..he was catching a flight and in a hurry but was so sweet and had such a great smile...long story short, I wasn't familiar with country music at the time and it was Clint Black!! The woman next in line about fainted!!! I was clueless!! Last fall in Las Vegas I was standing watching a show and the man next to me complimented me on my " beautiful red hair"...I turned to thank him...it was Al Pacino!~!! I am not to impressed by fame...I'd rather meet really nice people who are kind and help others..sounds corny..but true!!! I would love to have met John Lennon in his lifetime..
@k8cath (341)
• Philippines
21 May 08
I have met many different actors already here in my country... the last time was in a fair, which included many different artists and singers and actors/actresses... I can't believe I still want to meet more of them! [especially foreigners..:)] too bad I wasn't living in the capital city.. where there are many celebrities lurking around..:(