Have You Been Absent Minded Anytime?

May 21, 2008 2:27pm CST
Heard of the Absent Minded Professor.Well that might be a cliche but Every person must be having a streak of Absent Mindedness in him/her?I for one have forgooten things so many times in my life till now.Be it locking the house door or forgetting to take the house key with me and locking mysef out.Be it forgetting to wear my belt or catching the wrong bus to work!!So whats your Absent Mindedness Quotient?
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@kenzie45230 (3560)
• United States
21 May 08
My absent mindedness increased with my fibromyalgia. With fibro, though, we call it "fibro fog" and it can include feeling like you're walking through a fog, forgetting to turn on the oven after putting food there, or even putting things in the kitchen cabinets that should go in the refrigerator or freezer. It's quite frustrating, and gives one a small idea about what those who are elderly with Alzheimer's or dementia experience.
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• India
21 May 08
Oh Kenzie it definitely is annoying even frustrating depending on the severity.It is now believed as true that Alzheimer's and dementia which were erstwhile thought as diseases afflicting only the Older Generation have now set in among the Younger Lot as well.This is attributed to changing Lifestyles and the pace how Modern Technologies have taken over us so much so that we have 'forgotten' our old ways of thinking,working and ways of life. It is very important to remain active mentally by solving CrossWords,Puzzles,Writing and Challenging the brain in Subtle as well as Direct ways like say for example brush your teeth holding the brush in the hand other than the one you normally use.