getting tired these days?

May 21, 2008 7:41pm CST
I used to sleep at about 12pm when i was at school, after one year, i now get tired at about 10, is it a symbol that i'm getting old? So tired after a day sitting at the desk facing computer, i don't even have time to enjoy movie, or reading. Isn't it a bad situation? How can i extend my time to learn more while keep fit? Any suggestions, pls share~~~
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@grammasnook (1877)
• United States
22 May 08
It is all about time management. I understand that school is very important, but I also understand if you dont take care of your body that your mind isnt fully into your study. I would go to school. after school have a social life until 5 or so then eat my dinner and study till 730 and then go to the gym. come home shower and off to bed I would go. which would be about 10pm Good luck with your time management.
• China
22 May 08
Thanks, i get home near 6 p.m, then watch TV,cook, and have a short rest. When all this finished, it's about 9, then take a shower, do some cleaning which wll last to 10pm. If i sleep at 11pm, there's little time left for me to study. So i get annoyed and upset all day long, it becomes a vicious recycle.