Best option to lower gas price

@agihcam (1915)
May 21, 2008 8:21pm CST
I did receive email last week regarding a system to lower the gas price and i think it is a good one. We could not stop buying gas because we need it right? so we will continue to buy gas and travel to place we would like to go, the tricky part goes like this. Invite everyone not to buy gas to xxxx and yyyy ( leading company )gas station but instead buy gas to other company.See you still buy gas but with a little twist. Now let say lots of consumers does this trick for a week, what do you think will happen to those two companys? Maybe they will decrease their price to something, so as we did achieved our target to lower the gas price. I did post it here to seek everybodys consensus regarding this idea.Ofcourse we need also to contribute to our own way of saving gas in the first place, my car is galant 1990 model 2.0 engine but it looks like only having 1.5 to 1.6 liters engine. I did installed KHAOS ( may have different term ), a small gadget
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