somebody,can you tell me how can i do?

i'm iriesaaya - i'm here
May 21, 2008 9:06pm CST
i love a boy,but he is very poor .i still love him,but my parents do not agree. .
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• India
6 Sep 08
tough situation for you...but my suggestion is , since you told ur boy friend is poor, think twice before you go with him because he has to takecare of you after u marry.also your parents are denying ur love because of he being poor. talk to your boy friend and try to make him earn by himself. talk to ur parents about his advancements,so that they also get convinced....
• China
6 Sep 08
@moraho (234)
• Nepal
22 May 08
Trust in your LOVE, believe in your relation and be positive, things will turn around in your favor. Love the boy yet love your parents ... tomorrow will bring good fate to you.