Do you think you are ambitious for your career?

May 21, 2008 10:22pm CST
then wake up to choose ur direction and stay hard for your wishes and desires, atlast when u r at bed,dont consider urself responsible for all that happened, that will keeep u away from the fear of failure and vanity of success,the way life will flow and will help to trust ur destiny and accept it the blog is for the people trying extreme for acheiving there goals,expereinces,sayings,inspirational quoates are accepted as a best comments here so that it can act as a booster for the ambitious people.
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@jyjnl_jia (430)
• China
22 May 08
I am not the guy who have big goal.I just want to earn enough money to support my family and our interests.So we can do what we wnat and enjoy ourselives.
28 May 08
hmmm i understand the concern but this is the point, what i will say is ie what u think, u can also enjoy ur life supporting ur family and intrests just u need to do is wake up and be creative always think how u can be more helpful etc etc,what i mean is dont get trapped in ur own created trap ie limitations