what can i do?

May 22, 2008 2:17am CST
now this moment,without any music,without any sound,i am thinking what can i do for my future.... the boring life make me depressive,most of time i am not happy,what can i do?
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@ayessa (1586)
• Philippines
22 May 08
First, find a quiet, solace place where you could talk to yourself. Then look back to your past. Does anyone hurt you? Does something happen bad to cause you feel sad and boring? Ask yourself what will make you really happy? WHat are your dreams? Your plans? You know sometimes we are looking too far to what we have and forget to ask ourself which are the things that can make us happy. Talking to oneself, meditate will help you to know what are the things you really like in life. You should not be bugged about what was the latest trend or the new innovations. Sometimes what makes us really happy are those things that are not expensive. Have you had someone in your life? A partner perhaps? Maybe that was one of the things that lacking to you. Try to love yourself first and you'll see that all things will fall into places and that what you are looking for will come.\ Goodluck and Godbless
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@lsjack (44)
• China
17 Apr 09
i am sad about that, i think u should racongnize that u are the only one in the world. wo should admire we are humanbeings, now just go out ,and enjoy the flesh air and the green trees.
@ilovesk (44)
• China
8 Apr 09
Sometime I have the same feeling.But we should have confidence throughout,shouldn't it?
• China
22 May 08
The life itself is not boring but your heart and mind.So try to figure out what made you feel boring and release from your bad mood by taking part in some sports or games or have a talk with your good friends,or do whatever you like.Don't keep all your thoughts in your heart,be open to the world and face the music,I'm sure you will get rid of the unhappy mood very soon.Cheer up!