Do u forward mails??

May 22, 2008 7:48am CST
Do you really forward mails to your frndz... without wondering the space it consumes... its like a chain reaction u send it to n no of ur frndz and they send the same to their frndz....
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@eihdra (3116)
• Philippines
22 May 08
yes i do. But the thing is, I dont just forward the mail as it is. Meaning, after hitting the forward button,I edit the subject by taking out the FW in the subject header. Then I delete the sender's name and all the other email addresses included in the body of the letter. I only retain the message itself. In this way we avoid spam and the spread of virus. Finally, just put one email add in the TO: field and the rest of the emails in the BCC: field. Do not put anything on the CC: field. This way the spammers will not get all the addresses because they can't see the BCC field addresses.
• India
23 May 08
There is one option by which if we put all the mail addresses in the bcc field and hit send.... no user will see any name even his own in bcc field.... If you know what the option is please tell me.... Thank you..
@eihdra (3116)
• Philippines
24 May 08
hey..I'll post a discussion later with regards to your query. It's a step by step instruction..hope it will help..thanks..
@trinihd (996)
• United States
18 Nov 08
I do wonder about space, so I tend to delete extra text when i forward stuff, but I only forward some things. I do not have the time it takes or the energy or inclination for that matter to forward everything I get, or even read some of them! I know that on campus we have bandwidth issues too, so if I am using the campus network, I would do less forwarding to spare the bandwidth resources. I find it's a very useful tool for spreading important information but then you have to wonder about the "this may save your life" emails that are really like made-up stories to cause panic. Some people cannot distinguish these from real warnings, which is unfortunate! I like to check to make sure it's not one of those fake emails before forwarding.
@teena22 (422)
• Italy
22 May 08
nope i don't usually forward emails. i'm not a fan of chain emails, so i usually delete even without reading some the same emails. i only read the first one for curiosity.