Do you know why you spend money?

@raydene (9874)
United States
May 22, 2008 8:42am CST
I just read this and found myself there...I am careful in what I spend on and try to not spend without thinking about it. I always eat before going for groceries and have in my mind what I need. I also will look at my cart before getting into the line to see if I really need each item. xoxoxoxoxoxo
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• Philippines
6 Jun 08
thank you for the advice.Very helpful
@peaceful (3301)
• United States
6 Jun 08
As a Libra, I have been told that I'm cross between a calculator and a refrigerator! LOL! :) I'm really a lot warmer than that, though I temd to plan out my spending to the very last penny- especially when I'm shopping for groceries and ingredients for my contest recipes... I have developed the habit over the years of being able to mentally match a price and an item, and keep track of it for months at a time... When I'm speding for fun, I do the very same thing, but with a little less "supervision" because I have a Good Time Budget that grows out of the work that I do for my business... :) Here's an expenses tracker for you, Raydene! :) Enjoy!
@roanne05 (1292)
• Oman
25 May 08
wow, i've learned a lot from this..i guess this ideas can help us to atleast lessen the money we spend...i hope it would be easy for us to have more savings a bit. Good luck to us guys... thanks raydene for sharing this article
• India
24 May 08
we spend our money for completed our daily necessary things. I am very careful when I spend money and I always try to spend my money necessary things. My husband is not thinking about it. He is wasting money. He never think How to use money.I am worried. what can I do I donot know
@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
23 May 08
Hi raydene! Thanks for sharing the link. I am also very careful on what I spend especially nowadays. I really think and check all the items in my cart if they are essentials. It is really hard not to be a wise spender this days. Take Care and God Bless! Happy Mylotting!
@BYOLA2871 (4373)
• South Africa
22 May 08
its a good thing you do this many people end up buying what they dont need because of spontanous purchases they made while grocery shopping,its important to know exactly what you need and take care of them first then if you have extras you can do some of what you want while shopping,it is safer this way
@newtondak (3950)
• United States
22 May 08
Many times, I have removed thngs from my card before I checked out because after I thought about it for a few aisles, I decided that it wasn't something I needed, or that the price was more than I wanted to pay.
@biggerb (2028)
• India
22 May 08
I try to resist this urge to spend.I wish I could be like you.Since I live in a small town I have to buy things and stack away.I do spend quite a bit.I feel guilty about it too.
@aplaza (631)
• Netherlands
22 May 08
I try to keep out of harms way and buy only what I have on my list. Actually I will only buy something if I've gone out for that particular thing. I won't go window shopping nor will I visit a Dollar Store if I don't need something they stock. I'm not much of a "browser" either. If occassionally I do see something that interests me I take a good look at it and the price and then I put it back. If I think I can use it then it will be there next time. And if it's not I'll be able to live without it because I never had it in the first place.