Fight with husband/wife/partner!!!

@anujain75 (1069)
May 22, 2008 9:00am CST
How often you fight with your partner?Before birth my son we have atleast one big fighting every month.After his birth the fighting gradually reduce to thrice in a year.I remember last fight on end of the December last year. Actually we donot want fight now fearing that it put some adverse affect on our son.What's about you?
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• Indonesia
23 May 08
My husband and i sometime have argue, but it's normal .
@alienstar (5140)
• India
22 May 08
Fight between husband and wife is coomon and i think cannot be avoided also and more over , for a healthy relationship these sorts of misunderstndings between husband and wife should be there but care should be taken to see taht it doesnt go out of hand..tahts all
@vera5d (4006)
• United States
22 May 08
we don't argue very oftem. we disagree plenty of times, sure. It's all about knowing how to argue effectively so you still love each other afterwards :) I wrote this awhile ago on how to agrue effectively: Maybe that will help?
@Raeyden (46)
• Singapore
22 May 08
i fight with my gf once in awhile when she ignores me or scold me unintentionally. but we always get back together after a fight because we learn more about what each of us want or hate and try to make ourselves happy =) i heard that a relationship with occasional fights actually last longer than those which doesnt because when we fight we are communicating and if we know how to control the arguement, we will get a solution and avoid such fights again =)