satanist theory of heaven and hell

@LaHire (164)
May 22, 2008 12:45pm CST
heaven and hell is just a state of mind for a satanist... both were created by religious leaders to get there business on move!! simple proof : many yrs back when earth was supposed to be flat... the pope at that time said that in the sky lies the heaven and at the end if you fall from earth lies the hell... later when earth was said to be spherical... galileo was imprisoned for being rational and then hell got shifted to beneath the spherical earth!! later... plane was invented and even space crafts.... so the heaven got shifted far and far and is now in some other dimension... what a heaven isn't it :P and so was hell... when scientists proved that beneath earth is molten iron and abv it is empty space... so the popes made a new dimension to put the heaven and hell... LMAO!! start being rational... read more :
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@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
23 May 08
There are many mentions of heaven and hell in the written and oral traditions of many cultures and civilizations in the world. Surely this is an archetype which survives even modern times when science can be brought to bear on this question. As with everything else, there are changes that happen when scientific knowledge is applied. One can choose to use what ever reason and intelligence one has to prove or disprove the concept of heaven and hell. I liken it to the concept of the carrot and the stick.
@LaHire (164)
• India
24 May 08
yeah thats what im saying.... all the religionists use stupid theories and earn big time.... while no one thinks rationally... every one is a blind follower!! :O
• United States
26 May 08
My theory there is no heaven and there is no hell earth, this life is hell. to me it is "hell" how humans treat their fellow man.. they kill... they steal...they and church are the first to throw a stone at someone for the smallest thing... if you do not conform to what they want you are outcasted from the community and left there with the others like you... to me this world is "Hell"