any specific clothes that you really like?

@jstmarfz (1499)
United States
May 22, 2008 6:41pm CST
what most clothes do u have in your closet? what clothes you usually wear and shop in the mall? prefer an expensive and branded one? or just cheap clothes but good quality? what clothes you prefer/dreaming to have?
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@raclie (1732)
• Singapore
1 Jun 08
i love wearing shirts and jeans... i love shopping for clothes, as my closet is bursting with clothes that i dont wear i usually go for a huge shopping spree once every 6 months... thats when my family and i go overseas... so i will just buy clothes from there.. because it is not only cheaper, there are clothes that are really unique and they do not have that kind of style in singapore. and so i will dream to have at least some clothes from all parts of the world.. paris, london, austrilia, china, malaysia, indonesia... the list goes on and on!!! i think i like cheap and good stuff and dont go for branded goods... i will hate to spend so much for something that i will dislike soon enough.. so i think i will just like to use normal cheap clothes...
@zer0charly (5618)
• Philippines
26 May 08
I do buy clothes which I feel really comfortable. I am not into branded stuffs. I usually buy at bazaars because I find rare items there plus you can ask for the lower price. unlike malls, the price are already fix. of course, I always look their quality. I don't need a cheap one but low in quality. and of course, not because it is branded, it is always good in quality. what clothes i am dreaming to have? I am dreaming to have my wedding gown soon. I want my wedding gown so extra ordinary. and its because, I want my wedding to become memorable and I wanted to become the most beautiful person in my wedding day. Godbless!
@saizo6 (2211)
• United States
23 May 08
I'm really into screen tees at the moment. They're comfortable and affordable. Those and my Levi jeans fill up my closet. I'm not too concerned about brand names. I don't really care as long as the clothing is comfortable.
• India
23 May 08
I like to wear jeans and T-Shirts , as I like it most and do like to purchase as much as I can . I don't think too much about quality , I prefer brand name for it .. Thanks !!!
@ersmommy1 (12600)
• United States
22 May 08
A good pair of jeans would be my clothing of choice. Jeans go with almost everything. They can also be very comfortable. The nice thing is you can find good jeans at almost any price from $20 on up. Jeans also come in just about any color. The choice is up to the individual.