Diet pills, it is effective or destructive?

May 22, 2008 10:53pm CST
My friend and I would like to trim down our weight and i have been doing floor exercises for the past two weeks now and i only lose like 2-5 lbs. my friend told me that her friend is using a slimming pill for a year or so now and it is really effective for she lose like half of her body weight. i have apprehensions of taking slimming pills for it might have side effects and the i am not pretty sure if the formula is safe... i just want to be healthy.
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@mizcash (686)
• Canada
23 May 08
There maybe a few diet pills available that may be safe however,the way to do it is exercise and a proper eating plan. If you take the route of diet pills you will be stuck for life and the wieght will just keep coming back because you have not taught your body the correct way to eat and burn excess fat.
• Philippines
23 May 08
hi thanks for the response... i think your right wen you said that it will be better if i have to discipline myself more on what i eat with proper exercise that doing the easy way out... :)
@greysfreak (1385)
• United States
16 Jul 08
Well, I think it is good that you are wary about taking diet pills. For some people they can be more dangerous than others, but for a healthy person, if you find a pill that is completely natural like some of the dietary supplements out there then you should be ok. My dad is always telling me that they do work if you take them consistently. I took different diet pills for a long time, on and off and they haven't hurt me, but I'm young and in good health aside from the weight issues. I know one my dad was taking before was hoodia, I think he said that is a good one. But, I definitely would say, don't take anything unless you really feel condident that your body can handle it, and if you try any, stop taking them if something doesn't feel right. Anyway.. good luck!
@kaezy_kulet (2465)
• Philippines
23 May 08
there are diet pills that are safe. we have this diet pills here in our country which is made from green tea extract and a fat converter. i he=ave use dit before and it is effective. there is also a diet pill that my mom have used before and as i can see there were no side effect it was zhen de shou pills you might want to try it. if it is available there.