It's My Web Too

May 23, 2008 12:56am CST
The Web is all about us. It is no longer the webmasters who decide the content of the Web, the internet is now user driven through social networking. Yet, less than 5% of all websites are Web 2.0 enabled with social networking capabilities. With the launch of the Web 2.0 upgrade on July 1st 2008, a new platform will be added to the web. A new layer of interactive networking that blankets the entire Web. all sites will be enabled with social networking capabilities: Chat. Blogging. Messaging. Interaction with other surfers visiting that site. This is going to be the next Google with millions of users within the first few months. At this moment, Global Surf Farms are being established to ensure every user has fast access to the technology. To view the new Web 2.0 demo, go to: You can also receive a share of the Million Dollar Give-a-Way for helping to promote it.
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