What changed your life completly?

@realgem1 (260)
May 23, 2008 9:22am CST
I was just wondering that there should be something or some one that changes you life completly ever after. In my case My wife changed my life and purpose to life. Do you have anything or any one in your life that changed your life.
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@jashley1 (746)
• United States
23 May 08
Getting a relationship and giving my life to Jesus Christ changed my life completely! I made that decision at 19 and before that I was a rebellious kid into all kinds of things I should not have been in. I moved to Southern California for school and met my soon to be husband and we fell in love and our paths just led us to Jesus. When you really get filled with God's Holy Spirit, there is a complete change because it's now not your will but His will that is fulfilled. Our lifestyle changed for the better and now we are dedicated to growing in Christ and allowing our gifts to operate for Kingdom business.
@eihdra (3116)
• Philippines
23 May 08
before my eldest son was born, my life was a complete mess. I don't have any reason to live. When he came, my life was completely changed. I have someone to call my own..I had to be there for him..And then came my soulmate, who by the way is my husband now, who accepted me for what I was.. Sometimes, we need other people to make us see that live is worth living..
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
23 May 08
When I had all my kids. My lifestyle totally changed... I am home more... I don't hang out like I used to..