Scam lists, they are all different, which one should I believe?

@Emiese (994)
May 23, 2008 12:33pm CST
I have found on the internet and in here, people that have made scam lists to warn other people from scam ptc sites. The problem is that most of them has sites that someone else after that has disputed and said that they are not a scam. Apparently people list sites as scam as soon as the sites does not act as the person assume that it should act. Obviously most of the time, that is a sign of a scam, but there are also cases where someone has claimed a site being a scam and someone else says that it isn't, and that they have gotten paid by it. Does anyone know a trustworthy scam list, that has listed scam sites that isn't just based on one cancelled account or one lack of payment, but has several times been proven as a scam! Let me know please!
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@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
25 May 08
Scams are a crazy thing. You would think that it is a simple black and white thing. There is surely some gray areas where some dispute could be started. Then this obfuscates the whole situation. Who do trust then, when this happens? Be logical and be wary of statements that cannot be verified.