why ??

May 23, 2008 3:14pm CST
Women, giver of life! It is thru her womb that we all are born. She is the right hand of the Creator. Then WHY do most of the abuses, have the element of women in it? Why is it always....mother...er! and Son of a....ch! I too feel it is crazy of me to think so.....but just a question that i had in my my for a long time......seeking some resonable answers. No offences to anybody.
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@towfay1 (43)
23 May 08
The why I believe is most of our society's are patrichical( I know that is mis-spelled). I most society's women are still looked on as second class and if they are lucky citizens. Your not crazy we have to fight to keep our self esteem and sense of self worth.
23 May 08
Im truly sorry about the horrible spelling and missing letters.
• India
24 May 08
you are right, why is it that women are blamed for everything, why is it that they are looked down upon? We actually need to revolt for our rights,our self esteem and self worth. the spellings dont actually matter,as far as i can understand what you are trying to say. The meaning is more important than the spellings!