Best site that does not make you money.

May 23, 2008 4:05pm CST
Funny title, eh? What I'm asking is what site do you use often with sites that make you money, but this site does not pay you? It could be a traffic exchange, it could be an advertisement site.... whatever... Maybe it's even your email. LOL What is yours?
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• Croatia (Hrvatska)
23 May 08
i would say, this is a game site about soccer, its a great game, not a lot of great 3d graphics or something like that but good in all other aspects, im a member of it for atleast 4 years now, really great site they have a huge amount of members, over 500.000, and the daily visit is atleast 50.000+ becouse of big community its a great way to communicate through forum with others becouse you can chat about anything, internation or by country or even by region
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• Canada
23 May 08
That's awesome! Four years is a long time to be a member of any site! I hope you have some sort of veteran status for your time there. :)
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• Croatia (Hrvatska)
23 May 08
there are no anything like that but i happing as it is, its fun to play and you get a lot new people as friends ... really great social game, even i hate when i lose, but atleast then i go to lower league and then won a trophy from it :P
@yellows (245)
• Malaysia
24 May 08
I'd spent much time on and bux3 since last year but till today seem this site have not paid me yet. Its realy wasting time , isnt? I do not use much time on posting but I got money from its, lol. I can say that posting is giving me more money faster.