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May 23, 2008 9:14pm CST
I'd love to see some small blurb of your talent. I mean, if you do art, post a small picture, if you write, post a small story or poem. Whatever you feel comfortable doing. Please no 20 page stories or anything, just something small for people to see. And I don't want any criticism, please be polite. Some people will be making themselves vulnerable. :) Anyway, I'm not excluded from this so here it goes. :) Her eyes shifted from side to sie a she clutched tighter a small object in her hands. An icy breeze chilled her frail body. She began pushing herself to walk faster, but her legs began to buckle. She collapsed to her knees. Looking up in almost a prayer she saw them, a formation of beautiful black swans flying high above her. She then looked straight ahead. There it was - the tomb of her lover. The swans flew right over her lover's grave. She pulled herself up to her feet, stumbling to her destination. The sun was just beginning to set as she slid the tiny key into the lock of the tomb door. She raised her face to the sky for a moment before she entered the mausoleum. The sky seemed almost as if it were paved with fire. She breathed a deep sigh as she opened the door. Sliding into the tomb the stench of death was all that hit her. The darkness went unnotiiced. She knew this tomb well, and knew where she was heading. She slowly moved forward through the darkness deeper into the room. Suddenly there was light, a deep fire red and different shades of purple, blue, and green flooded the room. There before her laid her lover's coffin. She peered through the glass case to see her beautifully kept lover. They nymph's eyes filled with tears as she stared at the beautiful face of the woman she loved. The nymph simply crumpled next to the glass case, it was all her fault that this beautiful woman laid there unmoving. "I'm so sorry Anastasiya" Raisa murmured to the coffin next to her. She wrapped her arms around herself to try and warm herself a little. The room felt as if it were frozen. She pulled herself back to her feet once again and looked upon Anastasiya's face once more. The porcelain skin of her face glowed softly in the light from the stained glass window in her tomb. Pale beautiful skin from head to toe. Except for Anastasiya's arms, her arms were marred and red from the blade she placed to her skin. "I'm so sorry Anastasiya" was all Raisa could say. She said a brief prayer for her lover and kissed the glass of her coffin. "Good-bye Anastasiya, until next year" she said as she left the room. 'Twas night be the time Raisa exited the tomb. The winds were freezng, but Raisa didn't care. She just stared at the glistening stars and the paleness of the full moon. There was almost a comfort in its light. She began to sway slightly in the pale moonlight, and then to dance as she had when Anastasiya was still alive. For that one moment, Raisa was happy again, she felt at peace. For the first time in the four hundred years since Anastasiya's death, she felt peace. Raisa placed the necklace with her key back around her neck and began the journey back home. So there you have it, let me know what you think if you like, or just post some of your own work. :) Happy Postings!!!!!!!!
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