Has anyone had a life-changing event?

@rocky777 (353)
May 24, 2008 2:13am CST
Life changing events can be sudden or 'slow'. For instance a slow realization that the book you last read was so true, it was all about you - if you had followed the advice in it, you would be some place else today! It could be something that happened, it could be something that you experienced, it could be anything provided it changed your life in a way you did not expect. Would you like to share your life changing event, so that others may benefit?
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@nanayangel (7839)
• Philippines
24 May 08
Hi there rocky! I think that the biggest life changing event for me is when I gave birth and became a parent. It is much more life-changing than getting married. It gave me a really great sense of fulfillment and brought about lots of fears. I know how sensitive being a parent can be having your child watch your every move, put their trust in you, the responsibilities financially and the challenge of being a good role model for them. It changed how I view life. My values, my plans, my fears, my dreams - everything.
• Australia
24 May 08
My kids...as soon as I had my first son everything in my life changed,priorities were different,money was spend different,spare time was spend differently,oh gosh just everything,you realise how precious things are and you want them to have the very best life so you alter yours accordingly and well my life was pretty full on before hand so it was a huge wake up call for me!
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@kassdaw (593)
• United States
24 May 08
My life changing event was when I was 19 and found out I was pregnant. Not planned and plenty of protection. I got lucky though. The daddy was my boyfriend (no figuring out for me) and we had been together for along time. We loved each then and we are married now. We didn't jump into married until after our son was born. But still, when you aren't planning it, it does change your life in an instant. I am happy to say we have a baby boy and over a year later we are still happy.
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