What would u do if surprisingly 50 cent came in front of you ??

United States
May 24, 2008 10:56am CST
Have u ever imagined 50 cent standing in front of u?? What would be ur reaction or what would u do if u surprisingly saw 50 cent standing in front of u?
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@amoisan (240)
• Canada
16 Oct 08
my reaction would be to keep walking because i would not want to upset his body guards and get my butt kicked. if he said hi or asked me a question i would answer but other then that i would keep walking.
• United States
16 Oct 08
If 50cent was standing in front of me i would probably say whats up, and thank him for his great music know what i'm sayin because he be rappin good lyrics on his good beats. I've been a fan of 50cent for years now and that not gonna change.
• India
26 Jul 08
Damn...!!! fittys d hardest gangsta rapper alive. n i say this cause he did everything on his own. his gangs his own, his clothing line, record lable, condomn line...n it goes on n on... he did it all by himself. infact whn he got shot nobody was willing to record wid him or even release his tracks. but he still is on top 2day... if he'ld eva cme in fronta me i'ld just ask if i could join him in making money...lolz. its never gonna happen though...
@beep310 (25)
• Togo
28 May 08
Well. I would probably run for my life since he's gangster =). Unless he was trying to be really really friendly to me (?). Lol. Don't think that would happen though. But the thought of it is quite freaky, lol.