Good habits, Bad habits....

May 24, 2008 11:52am CST
We have many habits. Some are termed good and some are termed bad. Habits which, we think, are good, may not necessarily be thought of so by everybody, and vice-versa. Every thing depends on place, conditions, people's approach etc. Now,i am putting this question before you, my dear myloters. Please respond. What do you think are the GOOD and BAD habits, in your spouse? As also in your children.
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• Pakistan
27 May 08
i am single yet. but in my girl friends she have many good qualities. she loves me first of and then she trust me she takes car me in i have some bad habits i doesn't love her. in this matter i am accrue a selfish man you can say.
@anujain75 (1069)
• India
25 May 08
If I met the person who catogorised the habits into good or bad Then I really asked him why you create good habits or bad habits. Once we invited a friend of my husband he asked my son where is your father.He pointed out his father with his index fingure.Immediately my husband's friend say that Dont do like that this is bad habbit. I think if our habits does not create harm to any other person or our self then these termed as good habit.Otherwise it is bad habbits.
25 May 08
i'm not yet married but i think too much going out at night is a bad habit. if someone's single, then doing that is perfectly fine but once you have a responsibility to your family, this should be lessen.
@janaraji (154)
• India
25 May 08
Good topic. Generally the Habits starts from children - how the childrens are taking care by his parents. Now a days most of the parents are behind the race in earning money and don"t have time to see their children. The unguarded children have no choice other than to be with their friends and servants and naturally their habits they will learn - GOOD OR BAD - choice based on their luck. It is the duty of the parents to take care of the childrens when they are young, because all the habits will start from this stage only. Parents should'nt drink or quarel infront of their kids. Parents should make their children on Trusting God and Regular prayers. In general Good Or Bad based on our Attitdude. dubai jana