There is a new ptc site to beware off!!! Please be careful!

@Emiese (994)
May 24, 2008 4:04pm CST
Today doing my clicks I came across this new ptc-site called It looked really awesome, with one cent per click and payouts through paypal and alertpay, within a short time and minimum payout at 1$. This info was stated on the front site as well as in the FAQ:s However, when I read the TOS there was a surprise. (Thank you misd for teaching me to always read the TOS!) There it is stated that payout minimum is 10$, the time of payment is a lot longer then stated in the FAQ:s and that the only payout processor is Alertpay! I emailed them and asked which one to believe, and they said "TOS, sorry for the FAQ:s". I emailed them back and said that that is a bit misleading their advertising on their front site, about everything that is wrong. Haven't gotten a reply about that yet! So please be careful! Do you know any sites with pitfalls like these? Are they common in this "industry"? Do you trust the FAQ or do you read the TOS? Have you looked at the TOS when you have not been paid etc? Maybe this is common, so that sites that you consider to be scams actually aren't - they are just following their TOS instead of the advertising/FAQ! What is your opinion about sites that does this, are they scams or have they just made a mistake?
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