how discipline are you?..

May 24, 2008 7:56pm CST
how you discipline your child? my daughter is turning 3 next month and shes really active. i cant stop her on 1 to stop playing on the refrigerator cos it makes our bill bigger and the door might loose the lock. i talk to her politely and tell her the posible outcome of her actions. i try to be calm when ever i explain things.but you know kids are kids, next day she will do again what i just had explain to her the last night. sometimes i let her to get hurt so she will know by her self thats its harmful. but time would really come i have to scold i will slap her a clothes hanger on her butt,i dont slap her strong cos its hurt me too.but i try to make her feel its hurtful.she cry but you know shes just acting.hehe thats really funny.and she will behave for few hours.she knows how to caress me.shes so sweet and she uses that when ever i loose my patienc already.and would have to show her the clothes hanger to make her stop.(atleast she will stop) do you slap your kids?... i dont shout on her,but i show from my eyes that im getting mad already.
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