What do you say to people that don't won't defend themselves against bad people?

United States
May 25, 2008 1:03am CST
There are lots of really bad people in the world. And, I'm not talking about people who are just snippy. I mean, actual criminals. There are reports about it daily, on the news. So, I'm always surprised that some people still refuse to defend themselves against such predators. I have mentioned using pepper spray before to others and always get the response about it being illegal or hurting. Well, getting killed hurts too. And, if it's a choice between me spraying an attacker in the eyes and temporarily blinding him while I get away or me not coming home tonight. Excuse me, while I choose to live!Get some pepper spray! Or, a bat. You never know. I should totally do something like that. I know people complain and say that pepper spray is harsh, but then again, so is getting killed! I'm not talking about vigilante justice. I mean for times when someone might assault you in a parking lot. Or, if someone were to break into your home. How would you defend yourself? What's your view on this? Do you find it odd that criminals get more personal protection, than the average citizen? Do you think it's weird that average people are encouraged to do absolutely nothing to protect themselves from the most ruthless people in society?