Where did you experience your Best Children's Birthday Party?

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May 25, 2008 10:28am CST
I have been a helping hand and also a guest, but I have to say that the best "Children's Birthday Parties" happen at my sisters house. Yesterday we had a party for her 7 year old daughter. Only a few girls this time(10) but it was a blast and the kids had a great time. They wore Hawaiian leis and grass skirts. They all practiced their hula skilla, tried to master the hula hoop and made numerous trips under the limbo pole. Instead of an expensive decorated cake, she had a store bought ring cake that she put candle on. As each piece was cut she put a great mounds of chocolate and vanilla whipped cream from a can on each piece. The girls loved it. You would think she invented that idea. She has done beach parties with sunglasses and beach towels,(Beach Party music in the background) and it rained. We had hot dogs and chips sitting on beachtowels in the living room. I think there were about 25 kids that year. I haven't been able to go to all of the parties because I live 150 miles away. No matter what they dream up, there is always a good time to be had by all. With party favors and games. The expense can be great, but she tries to do things that are inexpensive, creative and fun. Most of all she is creating memories for all of us. She doesnt do it all alone, her husband is a major player too. She even has gotten some good ideas from her sister(me) and her friends. I think her kids will know (as teenagers), that their house is great place bring their friends. What is your favorite Children's Birthday Party Memory?
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@loved1 (5336)
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27 May 08
Ah yes, I do throw some great parties if I say so myself. The one this weekend was the mildest one yet because we had less than 25 kids here. It really helps a lot to have my great adult helpers here to give me a hand. I couldn't do it without the moral support. I think the party my children remember most is the one where we did a backyard barbeque and their daddy dressed up like a clown. He ended up putting clown makeup on all of the children too. It was a sight to see because the clown outfit was too small and his snow white bird legs were sticking out. You also dont see too many clowns with glasses and a moustache. Ha ha! The kids' friends already know this is the place to be for fun and are constantly wanting to be invited to a sleepover. Hopefully they will think we are just as entertaining when they are teenagers.