Prepay vs Account

United States
May 25, 2008 3:31pm CST
Which is cheaper to own? A prepay cellphone or an account cellphone. I have a monthly account cellphone. Each month the usage on my phone is less than 50 minutes. In commercials they claims prepay is cheaper, but when I go into the stores, they tell about buying minutes each month or I'll lose the unused ones. If I have to buy minutes each month, isn't that's the same as paying a bill each month? How do you only pay for the minutes you use if you have to all the time buy minutes? There are so many different prepaid phone companies and plans until I don't know what to do. The sales people can't answer questions in detail. The only good part is, there's no contract. Can anyone help clear this up? I really appreciate it.
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
26 May 08
Hi! I guess it really depends on your usage. Since you said you only have at least 50 minutes per month Im guessing you're paying more than you actually use. With the cellphone plans theres a fixed amount that you're going to pay even if you havent used it. If your usage is really waay below than what you're paying for then its better to go prepaid. This is because with prepaid you only need to buy credits for the exact or estimate amount that you are going to use. I dont really know the prepaid schemes in the US but here, a prepaid card can last up to 3 months. If you havent used it up in one month then the unused credits will roll over to the next month. Thats why its cheaper to have a prepaid. If you are constantly on the phone and need to make a lot of phone calls, then I guess the plan account is best for you. The sales people wont help much especially if they work for a company because they would want you to invest in an account. I think its best to ask a teenager or a close friend that has so he/she can explain it to you better without any bias on sales. Goodluck!^_^
• Mozambique
26 May 08
It is better to have a prepay.It is better because you do not have the ability to overspend your credit and with an account you can reach over your limit free minutes and end up spending more.However if you feel you have the ability to control your calls use the account package but if you are not much of a phone user the prepay is the best choice.
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
26 May 08
yep, what he said. Just make sure you have enough credits when you need them like maybe in emergency situations or something.^_^
@Jemina (5783)
4 Jun 08
I think it depends on what type of user you are. I for example am not a heavy nor an average phone user. So the best for me is prepay. My £10 topup could go up to more than 2 months. And I get 300 free texts anyway so I don't really need to spend much on my phone. Plus I can call landlines in the UK, Europe, and the US for free with the line 2 so there is very little need to use the mobile for calling except when am out. However, when I was in Thailand I use the postpaid account because it is so much cheaper to call than to send SMS. Also they got very cheap monthly postpay promotions which are really good deal.
@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
28 May 08
It has to do with consistency... Do you talk on your phone every month for about the same amount of minutes? Monthly is cheaper if you talk on your phone on a regular basis... Most pre-paid will average around 15 to 25 cents a minute... For example, my cell. phone bill with tax & fees & everything comes out to $118/month... I use somewhere between 1400 - 2000 minutes a month, work & personal both... On a month that I use 1400 minutes, I'm paying little more than 8 cents a minute... Months that I use close to 2000 or more minutes, I'm paying 6 cents a minute or less... Buddy of mine makes about 3 - 5 calls a month on his cell. phone... He's got a prepaid phone... His minutes on his prepaid phone doesn't expire for 90 days & funny thing is, if he buys new minutes before 90 days are up, then his unused minutes carry over... If he buys 50 minutes & uses 30 of it. a weeks before his 90 days are up, he buys another 50 minutes, then he has 70 minutes now and another 90 days from the day he bought new 50 minutes... I think he accumulated 250 minutes that way & he's got about 60 days before he has to buy another bundle of minutes...
• Canada
25 May 08
I pay $30 a month for a basic cellphone plan. I don't use the phone very much, but I do need to have it, so the basic plan is a good one. I like this better than the pre-paid cards I can buy for a cellphone for two reasons. a) I get the phone free on a 3 year contract, which I have no problem with, since I'll be using the phone anyway, and I don't want to pay a large sum of money for the phone outright b) I never run out of minutes in the middle of nowhere.
@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
25 May 08
An prepaid account is better. When you have a prepaid account then you will only buy the amount of credit you need. I have a prepaid phone and it is only when I want to make a call I will buy a card. Every countries is different with there plans so maybe you can ask them to carry over your minutes that you do not used.