How would you help your child who was a victim of bullying in school?

May 25, 2008 6:10pm CST
Everyday there are kids in school who are victims of bullying. If it happens that your kids is one of themm how would you deal with it? sometimes, the kids will not report to anybody that they are bullied because they were threatened by the bully that something will happen if they will tell anybody. It is really stressful to the kids. They are tortured emotionally and mentally. What will you do if you are the parents of the victim? It happened one time to my nephew. I was so mad and I look for the kid who did it and scold him. I pity my nephew who was so scared and so nervous to go out from the house without an adult companion? How would you react in this situation? tough!!
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• United States
25 May 08
Teach him to fight back. I'm not kidding. If I had a son (or daughter for that matter) I'd sign them up for a self-defence class, not only will it give them confidence (which can be a bully deteriant) but it will also scare away the other bullies if they realize that there victim can defend themselves.
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• Philippines
25 May 08
O yeah!! I think you've got the idea!!!Well, that's right!! bully kids are only good for those who are weak to defend themselves. Well, that might work alright... Thanks for the idea. I just hope when the kid knows self defense, would not brag and look for a fight becaue he can really do it to scare his enemy. lol... Well just a thought!! but if the purpose of having self defense is just to defend himself and scare the enemy but not to harm others, that would be a good idea that kids know self defense. Thanks for your bright idea.
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• India
31 May 08
This is the major concern in this world now and has to be addressed by respective governments and one really feels bad also and teh aprents can at the most brng thsi to notice of higher officials whenevr tehy come across such inmcidents and furtehr action can be taken by officials and in many cases, these incidents go unnoticed or tehy dont complain also in fear