Humans aren't perfect so why....

United States
May 25, 2008 11:46pm CST
Tell me, we all know that no one is perfect. We are all human. Everyone makes mistakes. So, that being said, why do all feel that we have to change everyone that is "different" from us? They might believe differently, raise their children differently, heck, cook food differently. But we all end up trying to force our ways onto others. What in the world is wrong with all of us? Shouldn't we just enjoy the fact that we are all different? Maybe even learn a new thing or two from someone else? Not criticize everyone who is different from us!
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@venticius (156)
• United States
1 Jun 08
Sometimes people try to change not to be perfect but to be something that they are not. People don't always try to be perfect when they change who they are or try to act different.
@isegor (118)
• Portugal
29 May 08
When we take a look at nature will will find in all animals the need to be superior. Wither by chasing/eating for food or just defending the greener grass. When it comes into passing on the genes things even get worst. Humans developed several ways to communicate and even more complex ways to overwhelm others by imposing rules or standards. Take a look at what fashion forces people to do, or magazines with miracle diets and whatever. All as a result of money and a will to control others.
@p_vadla (1687)
• India
28 May 08
That is why human scientists or humanists say to begin change from within one's own self not necessarily from changing others. Trying to change others means you are going to use them.Then how can there be perfection and natural existence ?
• Latvia
26 May 08
Good concern on this 'since olden times' matter. This is just the way certain people or groups actualize themselves, gain self-interest, they feel smarter, stronger, more special, more correct and most admissible. The unending dilema is that human being is always afraid and against of what they don't know, of the unknown and unfamiliar things and occurances, cultures and believes, convictions and lifestyles. This is sad, actually. But there are always people around us who are tolerant and compassionate, understanding and considerate, objective but with their own opinion and insight. These are usually happy people contented and comfortable with their lifes, respecting and supporting others, no matter how they are and what are their convictions, within humanly acceptable limits.
• Indonesia
26 May 08
human is perfect. animal is perfect. plant is perfect. every entity is perfect. god never create "imperfect" entity. we don't need to change ourself or others. well, we are not "imperfect"; we just different, unique.