is it possible to make a living online?

May 26, 2008 1:36am CST
I am not so good in writting, I am not that internet savy, I don't know a lot about computers, is there a possibility that I could make a living online? and how could you give me some ways? I am also afraid about scams and ripoffs which I know abounds in the net. thanks
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@browneyed (2526)
• United Kingdom
26 May 08
So far, you've said you're not good at writing, not internet savvy, don't know a lot about computers, and are scared of scams & ripoffs. These are all common experiences and fears people have. However, you have to reach a point where you're ready to loosen your grip on some of the above because how will you have any chance of making money online if you're scared of getting scammed and your knowledge of using computers/the internet is very limited? My advice to you is learn how to use a computer/the internet (I don't actually think you're that bad. You hopped on the net, joined myLot, posted up, etc - you must be fairly good so give yourself a bit more credit). Get over your fear of scams. People get scammed - I'll admit that, but are you really going to let that stop you? I understand that you're scared - the unknown can be. However, once you're in the situation you fear, you might wonder what all the fuss was about. Be careful on the internet, but enjoy it. take care...
@nishdan01 (3055)
• Singapore
26 May 08
Making a living online may be possible for some but to majority it is difficult due the hardwork involved. Yea there are few sites that help earn additional income while many are scams. You could join cashcare that pays in cash for signing up offers and doing surveys. Helps earn good cash with a low payout of 10$. In case you are interested, check:
@Eileen01 (227)
• China
26 May 08
I think it's possiable that make living online.I am looking for different ways to earn money.You must work hard and master kinds of ways and skiils.Good luck online!
@rovian (1927)
• United States
26 May 08
Making a living online is possible but it takes work to reach that level. I know of some people who are doing this now. What they are using aren't the free paying websites, but the ones that have monthly fees such as Global Domains International, and others.