Do you think it's getting boring?

@toosh21 (800)
May 26, 2008 2:16am CST
I love Ugly Betty...but sometimes I sit and watch it and find myself getting easily distracted as it's the same old thing happening. Does anyone else have this happen? Do you think it's getting boring? I am not going to stop watching it because I love the idea of someone like Betty living the life she does!
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• United States
26 May 08
Not me, I am riveted. There are parts that are boring. Anything to do with the Meade family is pretty much par for the course, but I am interested in what is going on with Hilda and Betty, so its all good.
@toosh21 (800)
• Australia
26 May 08
I agree - the bits I find boring are the bits about the Meade family - as soon as it changes to Betty or Hilda I am back! LOL
• Malaysia
16 Jun 08
Well sometime i also feel boring watching it but in every episode se ugly no give up to do what she feels is rightand the triump the god over evil, that part made the boring feeling goes away in ugly betty. In this tv shown what special compare to other tv shown is the ugly is the main actor compare to other pretty in this tv shown. That surely give a confident to those feel they litle ugly.