My fish are dying!

@salonga (27860)
May 26, 2008 3:22am CST
Help! I've noticed these past 4 days that everyday a fish or 2 would die and I am really alarmed that I might just lose all my beautiful fish in my aquarium. Can somebody please help me solve this problem???
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• United States
28 May 08
Really inspect your fish to see what their symptoms are. I recommend taking your fish from the tank and cleaning the entire tank. Get rid of all the water and refil the entire tank with fresh clean water. Not forgetting to put a dechlorinator in the water to remove the harmful chemicals in the water that can harm fish. I also recommend using a new filter in the fish tank.
@moraho (234)
• Nepal
26 May 08
well, u got to know what is the reason behind it? what are the symptoms? do you see any unusual behavior from your fish? is your aquarium too crowded? are you feeding them too much? is your water temperature optimum?
@miachen (68)
• China
26 May 08
I'm not expert on fishes. But I know some animal markets sell a lot of medicines for fishes. Maybe you shoule observe the phenomenon happened on your fishes. For example, most of fished get some points on their skin when they are sick. Then you should tell the seller of fish medicines and give your fish medicine accordding to instructions. Good luck for your fish!