What were ur instant feelings when u came to know u r going to become dad/mom

@humbleme (1004)
May 26, 2008 8:20am CST
Hello friends,What were your instant feelings and emotions when u came to know that you are going to become dad/mom for thefirst time?Please share your experiences withus.Thanks
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@paychecks (104)
• United States
26 May 08
When I first became pregnant, I must admit it did take awhile to sink in that I was a mommy. I do not think it really sinks in for a first time mother until the day the baby arrives. Even when I had my daughter the ultimate shock and feeling of being a mom did not sink in till I took my daughter home from the hospital.
26 May 08
In all honesty it was a mixture of extreem fear, joy and sadness. But most of all joy, i was scared i was going to loose my identity and my freedom being a youngish mother also i was scared of the stigma that would be attached to me, scared of what my family would say etc. But most of all the excitment and joy was overwhelming, the thought that i had a life inside me was just spectacluar and nothing could ahve dampened my excitment :) Best wishes Lucy x visit my website http://forgetmenotmemorialcards.co.uk/