which will you prefer of the three (3)?

May 27, 2008 12:06am CST
If you will given a chnace to choose from: 1. being beautiful and admired most 2. being intelligent and famous 2. being rich and have a lot of money. which will you prefer of the three and why? Choose only one from the three.
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@bestie (1458)
• Philippines
27 May 08
I choose being ntelligent and famous.You will be admired if you're famous because of your intelligence,you will be beautiful not in your physical looks but of who and what you are.you can have a lot of money and be rich if you use your intelligence wisely,that will be your weapon in gaining success in life and be what you want to be. have a nice day!
• United States
27 May 08
None of the above. Money is not what brings happiness in life. I would want to be able to have enough to support my family and be able to do things that I want to do.
• Malaysia
27 May 08
I will choose the third one because it has longer life span than the first and second. Intelligent and popularity won't last long and there's a point where you will get bored of it and simple life and the same goes with beauty and admiration. Whereas for being rich you still can choose to be simple rich man and not worrying about your financial problems. Life can be easier and beautiful if you can manage your wealth and still be admired by people.
@lovenluck (1068)
• India
27 May 08
I would love to be intelligent and famous for a foolish person even if he is the richest can waste all he has in no time but an intelligent person can earn money even selling canes. As far as the first option is concerned if you are intelligent then you have money and if you have money beauty can be bought in this era of cosmetic surgeries ,so i feel if we are intelligent we have every thing in the world. it is intelligence which made Bill Gates the richest person in the world .
@heartsoul (311)
• China
27 May 08
None of above! I will choose to earn enough money by working to support my family and lead a simple life by doing things I like!