Secret to create an ebay LISTING TITLE that shoppers can't resist!!

May 27, 2008 3:26am CST
Most people who are just getting sellingon ebay and even lots of ebay veterans__make mistake of thinking that your work "ends" when you find a product to sell,,,Wrong! The truth is, if you are going to make BIG money on ebay, you really need to actively SELL your products! And your first step is to create a LISTING TITLE that really leap the screen!,An ebay "listing title" refers to the information that shopper see when they search on product name.There on their screen is a list of ALL the product that fit that descriptiona...a list that might DOZEN of page long! Each listing title has a few descriptive words...maybe a photo,maybe a border or something else to make it stand out. Your listing title for each auction needs to be carefully crafted to ensure that you generate maximum interest and start bidding frenzies that drive your selling price--and your profit---through the roof!How to create an ebay listing title that shopper can't resist? to be continue next day. By the way if you like to discover a TON of great tips and secrets for writing high impact ebay listing that generate the MOST bids--and earn the BIGGEST PROFITS--check out:
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