Why Are The Democratcs So Disorganized?

United States
May 27, 2008 8:33am CST
Why are the Dems so disorganized when it comes to counting all the votes in Michigan and Florida. The Dems should win this election by a landslide but, they are showing America that if they can"t run there own party how are they going to run the United States Government. The only people who could blow this election for the Dems are the leaders of the Democratic Party.
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@tigertang (1750)
• Singapore
27 May 08
I don't know why they are so disorganised. I guess people are so focused on the various conflicting wings that make up the Republican party that they fail to realise that the Democrates are just as divided. I mean you have the old labour people and the New Democrates who don't like each other all that much. Under a charismatic leader (Bill) it was easy to unify all these factions and in liu of an alternative, these fractions will quietly unite behind the alternative for the sake of unity. However, both Hillary and Barak are fairly devisive characters. Hillary like Bush at the opposite end of the spectrum is one of those characters that you either love or loath. Even when she was just the first lady, you already had a legion of Hillary Haters. And then you have the guys who feel that the party owes the clinton's something (not sure what) Then there's Barak who is young and has the "Vision" thing, which excites the young. He's black, which excites black voters and he's a liberal, which excites liberals. So, what do you have. Two polarising characters whom could make great "First-Ever" presidents. How do you choose who goes to the elections without offending anyone? Let them fight it out.
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@anniepa (27238)
• United States
27 May 08
First, how the party is run has nothing to do with how a candidate from that party will run the government. It's separate groups of people who take care of the business of running the party such setting party rules, running primaries, raising money and running the national conventions. The messes in Michigan and Florida are unfortunate to say the least but they aren't the candidates' fault in general but it is a bit hypocritical of Hillary Clinton to now suddenly think all the votes should count as case when she agreed initially with the ruling by the National Party that they wouldn't. I really don't think the typical, non-political junkie voter really knows or cares much about the workings of the national party organization, they just decide which candidate they like or don't like and vote - or not vote - accordingly. I'm optimistic the delegates in Florida and Michigan will be seated, one way or another, and hopefully by November this will all be but a distant memory - a bad memory perhaps, but a memory just the same. I only hope things will be done before four years go by to make sure this type of thing doesn't happen again. Annie