What's YOUR Passion Predictor?

What a silly looking Snuggle Bunny! - This is probably the most grotesque image of a Snuggle Bunny I've ever seen--goofy looking face and all! Couldn't Tickle pick a cuter image?
United States
May 27, 2008 8:01pm CST
Sandra, you're a Snugglebunny![i]When you're in love, the whole world knows it. The excitement of romance shines from your eyes. After all, love is grand. And so is intimacy, whispering sweet nothings, the occasional PDA, and the joy of being cuddled up and cozy with your partner...Yikes. Is that a sugar headache coming on? Nah — we're just jealous. Fact is, you've got a leg up on most folks when it comes to welcoming romance and nurturing its growth. Recognizing your gift for knowing what you need to stay happy in love will guide you through uncertain times. What more could anyone ask for?Here's the catch: You might want to check in with yourself from time to time to make sure you're not avoiding real intimacy or hiding behind romantic games. We know, we know. It's more fun to just play. But keep in mind that true love is worth the work![/i]There's probably a grain of truth here...but I'm in a funk since my man ambushed me on Wednesday last week, and he's not speaking to me! (all because some b1tch told him some things about me from a different view--this is why I hate women!) But take the test (link below) and share your results here!http://web.tickle.com/passion/
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@setroc (853)
• Philippines
28 May 08
im a sugardaddy, it doenst sound nice, sounds like a dirty old man or something, i do like taking care of a loved one, but i dont think sugardaddy is an accurate description of me
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• United States
31 May 08
I'm a snugglebunny, but ask my last boyfriend and ex husband and they'll give you a few choice words! (I can't put them here, I'd get kicked off!) That's sweet that you like to take care of loved ones; wish I knew what that was like!