Deaf or Blind?

May 27, 2008 8:40pm CST
So what would you rather be. deaf of blind? I'd rather be deaf because you can always see people and watch what they are doing. When you're blind, you can't see what's happening and how to do new things, and that would suck. So how about you?
5 responses
@beth214 (68)
• China
16 Jun 08
i would choose like you .
• Australia
14 Jun 08
I would rather be blind, as I don't think I could live without music. As much as I love to see my loved ones, I could live without seeing them if it meant that I could hear a baby's laughter, or walk along the beach, listening to the waves crash into the shore. For me, sounds are far more essential than sight.
• United States
13 Jun 08
i'd rather be deaf than blind. its a lot easier to learn sign language, right?
@ohfunds (38)
• United States
7 Jun 08
I don't know that is a tough one. Being blind you don't have to see all the BS in life, and if you were deaf then you don't have to hear the BS in life. My Mother is Bling and my BF husband is Deaf. If I had to pick one I would pick deaf because when I zone out I don't pay attention to what people are saying anyway.
• United States
28 May 08
Definitely deaf. Thats to much i enjoy seeing and theres a lot i like to do that i need to see to be able to do. Besides that i already know sign language.